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Company Profile


Lighten Corp. based on professional COB LED to integrate in manufacturing and selling.
Due to the business objectives of diversification and internationalization, continuously technically researched, developed and advanced to fulfill customer requirements.
In this rapidly changing economic environment, taking establish-stability and forward-looking steps to create a better future.

Business philosophy:
Uphold the spirit of professionalism, innovation, integrity, and service.
"Pursuit of perfection and excellence" is always the driving force of continuous success in Lighten Corp.
In the future, we will continue to advance towards these goals, meet the challenges, and fulfill the mission of sustainable development.

Core technologies:
Lighten Corp. is the team formed by elites from IC carrier board design, Carrier board manufacturing, LED package, Material science.
Team members are outstanding person with nearly 20 years of experience in the original field.
Lighten's core technology is exactly the experience of its team.

Strong team:
Experts have long-term working experience in the relevant industries including carrier boards, high-end packaging, process design and planning, heat-dissipating materials...etc.

Core values​​:
"Talent", "Technology", "High ethical standards", "Motivation", "Innovation" is theLighten's basic principles of common belief and company operating decisions.

The Future:
In this rapidly changing period, we have to grasp time pulsation and adapt environment-changing quickly to maintain competitive position advantage.
Looking ahead, Lighten is ready to face various challenges and expands the business landscape through the diversification of the company's growth.